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Why your business needs video

As you walk down a main road, what do you see? People on their phones? Scrolling endlessly through their Facebook and Instagram feeds?

Attention is the biggest commodity in today’s fast-paced world. The best way for your business to get that attention is through videos that; engage, educate and entertain. The video market however is saturated with competition which means you have to work extra hard to get noticed. You need emotion over promotion. Don’t stab your viewers with intro logos, bad scripting and watermarks. All you have to put at the end of your video is a subtle logo, or maybe not even that If you can integrate it into your content. If your content is strong you will get an increase in sales without having to utilise promotional strategies in your video.

Some business owners are already investing in video and they’re discovering that their money is being wasted and that they aren’t getting their full return on investment. Good videos take time to craft, they don’t happen over night. A really good one minute video can take five days to make. There’s lots of time that should go into conceptualising, pre-visualising, logistics and editing.

As a business owner you should be sharing your content where your customers are and that’s social media. Don’t think that social media is only for teenagers and kids we are past that now, adults are some of the most prolific users on Facebook now.

Here’s some interesting facts:

• three times as many comments are garnered by Instagram videos than Instagram photos.

• 500 million people are watching Facebook videos everyday

• Including video on your website landing page can increase conversion by 80%

• Four times as many clients would rather watch a video about a service then read about it.

Videos will be the best investment you’ll make in 2018.

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